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This is a story i keep mostly to myself but needed to get it out of my system.

2020.02.03 04:02 Lonnes This is a story i keep mostly to myself but needed to get it out of my system.

I wanted to share a personal story of mine since i feel like i needed objectivity on it.

2 Years ago

After me and my ex went on our different path (It ended on a common agreement and pretty nicely) i met a girl online that now i regret ever talking to, We discussed together and we would spend our days talking, after a few months we started online dating. It was sweet and refreshing for me (my previous relationship was 4 year long) to not feel alone anymore, and i really had feelings for this girl. But then after a few weeks it went sour to say the least, she dumped me out of the blue and said she wasn't ready for a relationship yet. I told her i understood and gave her time, one day she had a mental breakdown and i took a step in a place i wish nobody to be into. She revealed to me that she had multiple personality disorder, and she told me to please keep it secret. She sobed that if somebody ever learned, they would take them away from her. I was worried, and instead of doing the good thing of telling her to seek the help of professionnal, told her i would be her moral support with it. What i didn't knew at the time was that her condition was not multiple personalities but mythomania.

I spend a bit more than a year helping her with those "mental issues" unkowning of the reality, denying myself rest just to be able to talk with her. i began to isolate myself from my adoptive family (which were having problems on their own) And started living at night only. It's already hard enough as is, butwhat made it terribly hard was that i was under constant gaslighting and manipulations from her and her "mental realm". (Tell me if you want more info on that part because it can be long and i want to keep that short) THe worst part at least for me was how she used my desire for love as a tool, sending me in an endless loop of i love you just to friendzone you a day later. I took on jobs i hated at the same time just so i could gather money to go see her (as she lived 12 hours away from me). I was worried about her health and well being and kept being under her control for a while. Until an incident happend and she began to threaten a friend of mine.

I am an artist, and i drew an avatar of her i had created in a bikini for a contest that she agreed on. She even helped me with the breast size and design. So i asked her if i could post it on my blog, she agreed. Up until i made this new friend (he is a sweet person from australia) who saw my work and decided to reblog all of it (he still enjoy my works and retweet everything i post the madlad). She saw that he rebloged my post but she also saw that he was a nsfw reblogger aswell. She tried to confront me so i would take down the picture but in a twist of fate that night, our messaging system had an error and neither of us could contact the other. Thinking i was ghosting her she sent an anonymous ask to my friend saying how much of an ashole i was and if he could remove his post and even proceeded to report him right after sending that ask. He explained the situation to me while on panic and i confronted her about it, she vainely said that it was her friend who did it.

I felt betrayed by her since that wasn't her first try at that. I told her i didn't wanted to talk to her againfor a while and that i needed time. The same night i went to bed, only to get woken up by facebook messages of her mom, yelling adn saying she would bring the "Wrath of god" upon me. She even threatened to sue me for drawing her daughter in a lewd manner (just a bikini and her posing like a model with her arm behind her head and standing up). After 2-3 hours of talk with her i was able to reach an amicable point and she wouldn't press charges. And we agreed on three things To never talk again, That i never draw her daughter again and that we wouldn't bad mouth each other. I also learned that everything she had told me was apparently a lie : She never got raped and i was the one stalking her.

It took me weeks to get back up, and i was destroyed morally, and i felt like my heart shattered. To this day i still feel numbness in the love departement, like i was deafened by the shattering. I was seriously considering suicide, and wished to never wake up again. When i started to draw weekly, it was a last effort for me : one last chance to start something in my life and create something. At first it didn't brought people, after all i was drawing fanservice and borderline hentai content. I had decided that if i were to create something it would firstly be something that i liked. But then i did a fanart for a dude that motivated me to draw, and that person like my drawing and decided to retweet it. It made me happy that he liked what i created but i was not ready for teh ensuing wave of likes and retweets, when the notifications started popping without stopping i couldn't believe it. People liked the drawing i made. Honestly i cried that day. This single event as insignifiant as it seems, rekindeled the flame of life within me as i felt like i had to continue. IT was a battle against my depression, and over the year became a battle that would inspire others. Some even told me they waited each week for my work as it gave them something to look forward to. To me it felt like i was finally helping and found my call.

I also found a new job in my real branch and finally was able to put my life back on track. But as i was finally getting back up and living again, i found out that this girl started to write callouts about me, Saying how i was Sexist, pedofilic, apologist of rape amongst other terrible accusations. Using some of the help i provided for her "Personalities" out of their context just to make me look bad. At first i tried ignoring it, thinking it wouldn't harm me. But it piled on and on and on. They were commenting on everything i created. Admitedly i am an artist that represent alot of futanaries(That's japenese for hermaphrodite) in my works, it's my fault with the whole i draw what i love thing. But they used my characters as reasons to call me transphobic, my work that i made out of love as weapons against me. At some point it became so big that i had to intervene and get the truth out. When i had explained it all to the poster of the callout (who wasn't the girl) They decided to drop out and i contacted the main posters on it to put down the fire of hatred. it had been 4 to 5 months and i wanted to forget about my time with her. One of the member said to me that she despised me for what i had done. Saying that the girl had PTSD whenever they talked about me. After talking with that member i explained that i wanted herno harm and tried being a specialist when i wasn't one. I fucked up and apologised, but in the end it would be better if we both gone out ways.

The story seemed to have calmed down, until another account went up with (my name)_callout. That still attacked me on false ground and slandered me. the first person to share those post was the person who despised me. I imidiately tried to talk to them, to get it to stop but they blocked me telling me to go fvck myself. at that point i was receiving anonymous ask telling me to die amongst other things. The callout blog posted something about not being affiliated to the person that said me to go fuck myself, but ended up Causing her to receive threat aswell. In all that situation i always say that i don't go to such tactics and that anybody who would threaten others in my stead or because of me was neither a fan nor a person i accept. Leave them alone, was my motto. I was honest and very adament about that, Anon attacks are some of the scummiest tactics and i despise it. After a month or so the callout disappeared but as you may have guessed it, it wasn't the end. Months later they again went after me and i received annon threat. At this point i was hitting a low point in my job, my boss was leaving and the CEO had made me take my bosses place. It became so stressing i almost had another burnout. and of course at this point those bastard attacks.

It was when i took medical days off that i could relax and take a break from a year of drawing and working. I was out of the internet aswell. it felt GREAT. And that's when i realized that fighting was not the answer. i left a last message about her and moved on. Later on i was fired from my job (it was a common agreement) and i moved out of the company. It was end of november when i finally was jobless. I decided to make december special and released one last drawing spree for the final day of the year. Took me the month to get it done and i had finished the due date at 6 am for a post at 10 am. Anyway, i finished the year with a big smile on my face. During the year i had rebuild my social life, professional life and even got my own car. so i went in 2020 lighthearted.

Again i receive annon from that girl, trying to say that all the bad thing that happend was just the work of a single hacker that took over her account and that hacker was the one who made me misserable. I didn't replied and after the few days that followed received anon ask to tick me off, but i didn't buldged. got a single real question that i answered with real advices and been doing good.

Now there are still things that bother me deep inside. I still can't wrap my head about why she still comes after me after a year. Trying to break my reputaion and mock my work. She keep telling how much a stalker i am despite me litterally going for a new path in life a month after leaving her. I spent the entire year between my work, my art, my friend and playing games, admitedly at very few occasions i would look at her profile (like once a month after the initial 4 month) because i had wished her the best in life (despite the hate i now i have for her) and was wondering if her mental health was improving now. Admitedly when i went to see her profile, i was only wondering if she was healing, with honest good thought. Until i saw the wave of slander, and personal attack she had on me that is, now my only prayer is for her to leave me alone.

Turthfully she broke who i was, in the worst way possible. To this day i still wonder if i'm really the asshole and that i am the terrible person she say i am. I talked about this with alot of friends and my adoptive family (It's doing way better now) about it, and all of them agree on the fact that i am someone kind that just got played. I want to trust them all, they have no reason to lie to me. But i felt like i needed to ask complete strangers so i could have better opinions and hopefully get this off my chest.

Thanks everyone who read all of this mess. If some of you want more details you can ask me and i'll try to answer as fast as possible.
I won't be giving name of course, although it's pretty easy to find, please do not go after those who harased me. Even if their actions are terrible hatred only breed hatred.
Also stupid thought but if you are a reddit reader on youtube, please don't put this on a video, i'm not feeling easy with that idea.
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2012.05.25 02:12 Erisian42 online conversation with ex, sounds like she wants to hookup; am I just seeing what I want to see?

Because if I'm wrong I'm out $150 for a room. Details altered cuz internet.
her:Hey annon i do not know if you remember me it has been a year but i still can not get you off my mind yes i know i have a boyfriend i but i feel bad even though it has been a year please can i make it up to you?
femannon (ps you told me i was your first you know what )
Me:what, exactly, do you mean?
her:i mean i feel bad what did to you and i want to make it up to you and i am asking for forgivness but saying you forgive me is not enough plus i kinda miss you i know i sound crazy but ....
ME:if you want to talk about it we could grab a drink sometime?
Her:yes i would love that thank you so much You can call me 999 999 999if you want to set up a time and date i get off of work at the end of time and i work in Asgard so its pretty close to you if you still live in Valhalla.
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